Algorithm Solutions

Computer engineering and programmation services


Software design

Obtain simple, efficient and sustainable solutions while respecting the available resources from algorithmic design to the user interface programming.

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Use new technologies while eliminating potential vulnerabilities due to our expertise in the field of cybersecurity.

expert cybersécurité
conception de circuits imprimés

Printed circuit board design

From the design of the electronic diagram through the assembly of the components. We manufacture, assemble and test printed circuits.

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Our development process in 4 steps

Define functionalities

The first step consists in defining the functionalities of the product. This step allows prioritizing the tasks and to evaluate the necessary resources. The definition of the needs is done closely with the customer and his active collaboration ensures the accuracy of the needs and resources. The passage to the next step is obtained when the list of desired functionalities is well established.

Solution development

During development, the developers design the functionalities to be delivered. Weekly, the developers communicate with each other in order to check the progress of the functionalities and to find the best solutions according to the individual expertise.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance makes it possible to verify the achievement of the initial objectives. If necessary, verification in the form of scenarios and test plans are added to the quality control of the product. In addition, a verification of the solution's documentation is put forward to ensure maintainability. The next step is when the quality assurance of the functionalities is verified and completed.

Product delivery

The product is delivered between the team and the customer. The customer receives his product. Optionally, this step is followed by a new iteration involving the development of new features.